Sindee Jennings in the Breeding Machine

Huge Dick Alien BreedersSindee Jennings woke up from what she thought was a nap and found herself in a chair. The chair had devices attached to it, strange screws and probes on tentacle like arms. Being bound at the legs, Sindee had no chance of escape. She awoke to find an alien creature in front of her already in the process of undressing her. The Breeding Machine took over her mind and she was forced to produce reproductive fluid for the Trimon Alien. The Trimon’s heard about the Cybourgians evil plan to create and army and extinguish all species but their own. They were determined to stop them, and with that they must produce enough human sex fluids to make alien babies. Sindee Jennings was chosen for the reproduction as she was able to produce large quantities of the precious fluids instantly when given proper stimulation. As the machine started to power up Sindee knew that her mission was to save the nearly…Read the whole story on!Anal Sci-Fi dildos

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