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Lesbian Warriors with gunsThe leader was borne and was leading the Cybourgians toward war. Te prophesy had read, that the leader would be borne again, and when he is, he will lead the Cybourgians to victory over their planet and the universe. Except, the prophesy told of a queen, who’s powers out matched the leader that would bring destruction to the Cybourgian race, ending their civilization forever. Following the command of the Leader, Andi Anderson captures yet another Galactic Girl to make her into a Cybougian Warrior. She uses the Extractor Machine to remove the Galactic Girl DNA (during Sci-Fi Lesbian Sex) and insert her own fluids. In the process she must use an extraction on herself and transfer the fluids into Aubrey Addams pussy. Under the control of the mind machine Aubrey Addams cannot resist. She gives way to the Cybourgian and lets her experiment on her naked body. The machine does its work and slowly the probes remove enough DNA to insert the Cybourgian fluid. It appears the process is complete and Aubrey has become a Cybourgian Warrior. The loss of Galactic Girls makes the others grow weaker and they must hurry to make new Galactic Warriors to fight the Cybourgians. How can this be done? Will the Star Girls survive? Stay tuned or the next episode…Space gypsies with dildos

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